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Focusing on World Champion Safety Performance

Detroit Chassis operated 131 consecutive days without a recordable injury throughout the 1st quarter of 2017. Current performance reflects 66 days with no occurrences and counting. Permanent corrective actions have been
implemented and proactive measures instituted to address the recordable injuries that occurred in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.

We need to continue our focus on reducing recordable injuries by proactively identifying hazards and implementing strategies to ensure a clean and Safe working environment for everyone.

To improve our performance, the Safety Committee has been expanded to include a designated core team that meets regularly to address immediate concerns. The Safety Committee includes representatives from each department plus the following core team members:

  • MeShawne Johnson – Change Control Manager
  • Nayeesha Conway –Materials Associate
  • Sharon Humphrey – Production Leader
  • Jimmy Perryman – Production Associate
  • Curtis Garrett – Labor Relations

Safety and 5S training has been identified as key elements for Team Leader and Production Leader Development
Training and plant-wide walks have been re-established.

A Versatility Matrix that aligns proficiency with job rotations has been developed.

Members of the Safety Committee with be recertified for CPR, First Aid, and receive Blood Borne Pathogen Awareness training.

Other recent activities include:

  • Secondary Container Labeling board
    (pictured above)
  • Hazardous Materials Labeling for Service Fluids
    (pictured above)
  • Rear Shock Extension Tooling installed
    (pictured above)
  • Plant wide Audit for unauthorized Extension Cord
  • Safety Walk Audit for proper Storage Rack Usage

Thank you Detroit Chassis for all of your efforts that are moving us closer to our goal of World Champion Safety performance.

The Safety Committee meets weekly to discuss strategies for improving Safety performance. The Core Safety Team meets more regularly to address immediate concerns.

Important Dates

Manufacturing Day
Friday, October 6, 2017

Manufacturing Day is Awesome!

Detroit Chassis will receive students from the Advanced Technology Academy in Dearborn, MI today for Manufacturing Day. The Advanced Technology Academy is a Michigan public Charter school in partnership with Ford Motor Company.

This is the 3rd consecutive year that Detroit Chassis has participated in Manufacturing Day and volunteers are excited about the opportunity to illustrate the many career opportunities available in manufacturing.

This is but one of the many community activities that Detroit Chassis participates in to support youth and education and it is in alignment with Corporate Value #3 “We are committed to Respect through Diversity and Community”.

White Academy Gets Ready for the 1st Day of School

Detroit Chassis representatives visited White Academy at 5161 Charles St., Detroit, MI 48212 in response to a request from Mr. Blake McGhee, Dean of Students to assist with their Open House.

Faculty was concerned because they had just learned that a sponsor that committed to provide book bags had suddenly cancelled their contribution just 4 days prior to the start of school and they had already been made aware that more than 50% of the students did not have access to resources to get much needed school supplies.

Detroit Chassis Associates and their families were able to step in and provide book bags and school supplies for 250 students along with a contribution to fund a Barber for the day to provide free hair-cuts to the young men.

  • David Forney, Engineering Manager
  • Curtis Garrett, Labor Relations
  • Paul Grech, Industrial Engineer
  • Quinton Harris, Facilities
  • Michael Hinton, Human Resources Director
  • MeShawne Johnson, Change Management Mgr.
  • Ranson Smith, Quality Manager

The team volunteered several hours to deliver and pass out book bags loaded with school supplies and prepared and distributed refreshments (hot dogs, chips and beverages) to students, their family members and school faculty.

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