SPECTRA companies present a complete lineup of services for the design and production of complex products.


Detroit Chassis

The Manufacturing Division

  • Total vehicle assembly
  • Rolling chassis assembly
  • Sub-assembly of vehicle systems
  • Supplier management
  • Niche assembly system template

Detroit Custom Chassis

The Modifications Division

  • Custom Chassis Modifications
  • Low Floor Vehicle Conversions
  • Hybrid Vehicle Modifications
  • Custom Vehicle Uplifting
  • Complex Sub-assemblies
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Compressed Natural Gas: DC2 can convert units from LPG to CNG.


The Engineering Division

  • Program/project management
  • Product engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Product design
  • Overall system design
  • Computer simulations and modeling
  • CAD training
  • Technical staffing services
  • Electrical controls design
  • Lean manufacturing studies
  • Equipment and launch supervision

Low Floor

DC2 removed the rear axle and converted a rear drive chassis cab to front wheel drive with a patented Dallas Smith axle-less rear suspension system.


DC2 designed and fabricated the running, fully detailed prototype.


DC2 has contained Mustang work cells (photos) that assemble and install front structure corner suspension assemblies and Tire & Wheel pressure monitoring systems.