Providing Customer Joy


Paul Levandowski, APQP Manager and MeShawne Johnson, Change Control Coordinator were nominated by the FORD Motor Company Commercial Vehicle Management team for recognition at the Friday, February 12th, 2016 Appreciation Breakfast.

Each month FORD Vehicle Special Order (VSO) invites individuals to a coffee/juice and bagel breakfast to show how much they appreciate the support received. Often requests are made and speedy responses are necessary on projects that usually require extraordinary effort to accomplish.

Paul and MeShawne have been instrumental in responding to the needs of the customer creating joy!

“Congratulations to the team and to both of you on an exceptional job managing through the recent engine and related powertrain component changes. We are all pleased that the customer is recognizing your effort and success with this.”

“Please continue to share this appreciation, as you have, with your colleagues who supported. Well done! — Michael Boyle, General Manager

Brent Stowell, Materials Manager reported that Detroit Chassis obtained GREEN status in all categories on the SNURK report for the Month of December 2015. This progress was shared with the executive team and managers in the last Balanced Scorecard Meeting. This level of performance is appreciated and well received by FORD Motor
Company’s MP&L group.

On a monthly basis, DCP is measured within the FORD Inventory Monitoring and Production Inventory System. This measurement tool monitors the bailment inventory and ensures DCP is functioning efficiently while reporting on the status of inventory. It feeds this information into the daily SNURK report.

Congratulations to the team and to Chuck Watts, Materials, Inventory and Cycle Count Manager, and Kevin Greer, Materials Analyst and Coordinator for outstanding delivery and performance in this area of expertise. Thank you for meeting expectations for Customer Joy, Effective Communication, Commitment, Integrity, SOUL and Respect!

Walking down Final Line looks so nice and orderly. Demetrius Gunn, Team Leader wanted to clean and organize this area by removing extra boxes that created clutter and posed trip hazards.

A rack was installed for Park Brake Cables. The cables are now placed in the proper slot, which is colored-coded and labeled. Not only did we reduce the foot print required for six different part numbers we also created an area that is robustly organized and serves as a visual management for material handlers.

We all want a clean and orderly house, the only way to make this happen – is for all of us to pitch in and do our part.

We spend an average of 8.5 to 10 hours per day at work with our DCP family and we are taking 5”S” to the next level by keeping our DCP house clean and orderly. Thanks to the team for all of your efforts.

Pauline Player, Production Lead has implemented another layer to the 5”S” Housekeeping Auditing Process.

Team leaders are now responsible for auditing their areas. Everything not required in an area will be tagged “Red” and removed. Items will be taken to a designated area and reviewed.

Now you can see the current status of any DCP Operations Team by taking a look at the Blue Board posted in that area. Thanks to the team for making this possible.

Every team board has current and real time information about SAFETY, Injury Trends, Locations, Near Misses, and Corrective Actions. The boards also display current Quality information, Scrap, Scrap Cost, Production, Hours Per Unit, etc.

Team leaders own their areas and along with ownership comes an understanding of all of the activities, challenges and progress in these areas.

Stop by and have a conversation with a team leader. They will be eager to explain their current status to you.