Detroit Chassis Update

Detroit Chassis Update

Andy L. Dobbins
Detroit Chassis Avon

Detroit Chassis Programs F53 and F59, Mustang and F650/750

Everyone is working hard to embrace “One Detroit Chassis”. Cohesive teams are working seamlessly to deploy robust processes to achieve shared goals across all programs. Thorough process reviews are being conducted at both locations to ensure consistency, develop robustness and nurture continuous improvement.

Detroit Chassis Plant (DCP)
There is much activity going on at DCP!

We are busy working on F53 and F59 stripped chassis and Mustang front suspension sub-assemblies while preparing the Organization’s Facility, Machinery and Equipment for a major 2020 launch.

Detroit Chassis Avon (DCA)
Anderson (Andy) L. Dobbins was promoted to the position of President, Detroit Chassis Avon effective Monday, March 13, 2017. Andy’s leadership marks the beginning of a new era for the Detroit Chassis Avon organization.

Andy hit the ground running and has presided over intensified safety, training, quality and production enhancements, already confirmed by improved metrics.

Several facilities and infrastructure enhancements have been completed to provide more meeting space, more efficient material flow, upgraded comfort stations and a safer more hygienic environment to support building its F650/750 (H567) axles and tire & wheel assemblies.

A cross functional team is implementing a comprehensive ERP solution that incorporates sophisticated error proofing and communication with OHAP within a 4 hour broadcast window.

A detailed project plan has been generated and is reviewed weekly with all stakeholders, including Ford. The “go live” date is mid-August.

The team is broadening its customer service process to include key stakeholders at OHAP. This restructured process is greatly improving timely communication with our customers.

We encourage customers to submit documented inquiries and concerns. All concerns are reviewed, submitted to champions and action plans to address them are developed and communicated back to our customers.

We track our progress and share this information with the entire leadership team during monthly Balanced Scorecard Meetings. We have been able to consistently close 75% of concerns within the first 24 hours!

Important Dates

DCP Summer Celebration
Friday, August 4, 2017

Twice each year, we conduct “Customer Joy” surveys to collect feedback from customers. This information is analyzed, discussed and communicated throughout the organization with the purpose of developing continuous improvement activities that will enhance the customer’s experience.

Concerns can be submitted via email to

The 2017 Business Applications in Manufacturing Management Program

Detroit Chassis Associates have also been busy in the community. We successfully wrapped up another Business Applications in Manufacturing Management session with 3 promising students from Davis Aerospace/ Golightly Technological High School: Rebecca Pettigrue, Nashia Wilkerson and Jalen Hamilton-Purnell.

Students recently completed a 10-week rigorous program in which they receive school credit that requires perfect attendance and the assignment of working alongside managers in various departments including: Safety, Engineering, Quality, Customer Service and Communications.

Students were responsible for attending and being engaged during meetings, completing daily logs, weekly reports, facilitating high-level meetings and delivering a final presentation to company owners, leaders, school faculty including the principal and their parents.

Once again we are pleased! The method and model works!

Students greatly benefit from having mentors in the business community to help open the window so they can see and map strategies for career guidance and success.

All 3 students have been invited to return for the summer session and are scheduled to attend college in the fall.
We are particularly excited that one of the students, Nashia Wilkerson is a 2nd generation DCPer;

Nayeesha Conway in the Materials Department is her mom. Nashia excelled during the program and was
assigned the position of BAMM program assistant. She led by example and assisted her colleagues in meeting expectations all while accomplishing program requirements. Nashia’s weekly reports were insightful and well written.

Thank you to Michael and Carlton Guthrie for your undying passion to make a positive difference in the lives of young people, to all of the DCP leaders (Danon Dupree, David Forney, Ranson Smith, Fernando Gonzalez) for committing to serve as mentors for the 2017 BAMM program and for participating during the selection process. Thank you for taking valuable time to mentor students while still accomplishing your day-to-day goals and objectives.

We look forward to your continued support as we prepare for the summer session.

BAMM: Where your involvement makes an impact!