Covid-19 Update: April 3rd 2020

Detroit Chassis COVID-19 PROTOCOL

April 3rd, 2020

Good Afternoon Detroit Chassis Family,
Hoping this note finds every Detroit Chassis family member and their families healthy and safe during these uncertain times. We’re committed to keeping you informed and providing a direct line of communication, open and up front, as we deal with this crisis. Detroit chassis is pleased to announce that we will be enhancing our 1DC communication strategy in response to the COVID-19 actions and quick access to updated information. 

The following types of web based tools including social media will keep you even more informed of updates, services and assistance.

  • Detroit Chassis Website
  • Updates to the Detroit Chassis Facebook Page (Make sure you Like the page and forward it to other DCP
    Associates on Facebook.)
  • Updates via LinkedIn
  • Detroit Chassis Email Communications
  • Detroit Chassis Robo Call & others
  • UAW Local 155 Website

There will be additional communications as these tools become available, and the websites links, invites and access will be provided at that time.

The communication for April 3, 2020 is as follows:

Detroit Chassis COVID-19 Updates

Currently there are five confirmed cases of the coronavirus at Detroit Chassis.

The work areas affected at DCP:

  • C1
  • Quality Department
  • Vision Center
  • Rolls Test
  • Administrative Offices

All DCP associates are asked to self-quarantine until April 6, 2020. If you are symptomatic, please seek medical attention immediately.

Remember Stay Home, Stay Safe

Detroit Chassis COVID-19 Safety Protocol

  • New health and safety protocols established for DC plants – See new standards
  • Training plan kick off with the intent to continue the training for every Detroit Chassis employee starting with the team who are volunteering to come in this coming Monday April 6, 2020. Training plan will be documented following a standard training protocols for each area ensuring the new way of life will be held

Detroit Chassis New Work Schedule Updates

During the weeks of April 6th & 13th, we will have a limited number of our Associates onsite to complete a few high priority projects for the sustainability of our organization in this unprecedented time.

The following projects will be completed during this time:
1. Check and maintain that critical equipment is a safe and in operational condition
2. All chassis with suspect tone rings will be rolled and validated
3. 310 inventory will drawn down and validated for repair
4. Safety validation and inspections will be performed continuously against our increased PPE standards
5. Continuous sanitation of all common and work areas

Tentatively May 4, 2020 will be our first day back for full production for both DCP and DCA. This date is still fluid and we will update up if there are changes.
Let us keep the safety of the extended family in our hearts, minds and prayers in all that we do, thanks from the operations team.

Detroit Chassis Updates on the New Legislation by United States Government

We are presently reviewing the recently passed Federal CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) and making plans to access any and all programs that may apply to us and our employees. The program contains a number of aid packages designed to keep businesses intact and afloat during this crisis. Stay tuned!  

Detroit Chassis Social Support Information 

Assistance for Single Mothers and State Benefits please see link below:

MI Bridges

Dennis Edwards, President

Letter from Michael and Carlton Guthrie

Letter from the President

Detroit Chassis Covid-19 Protocol

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