DC Advisor: May 15th, 2020

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An Associate having his temperature checked upon entering the building.

Last week several teleconference meetings were conducted with several UAW Associates to discuss our return to work plans. Great questions were raised and are listed below with corresponding answers.

  1. Are all Associates required to have a Covid-19 Coronavirus test before returning to work? If not, should this be required?
    No, testing is voluntary. Some associates are required to provide return-to-work notes from a doctor, however COVID-19 testing is not required.
  2. Will associates get penalized for calling in when sick and how will the Point System operate if Associates are encouraged to stay home when ill?
    Associates who qualify for additional assistance will not receive attendance points. You will still be required to call in if you are sick to help us plan staffing.
  3. Cleaning stations at DCA.

    Am I at risk of being laid-off again this week if I come in Monday, May 11, 2020?
    There is always the possibility we may run out of parts or something unforeseen will affect production.  Our Our plan is to run to our current schedule.

  4. What if I have a scheduled conflict the week of May 11, 2020, and need to work around my scheduled appointments?
    For the week of May 11th the company has agreed to make the necessary accommodations for associates. Starting May 18th we will return to a normal operating pattern and we will review situations on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Office work stations arranged so that associates are 6′ apart.

    What is being done to improve ventilation to ensure Associates can comfortably wear the added PPE considering summer temperatures?
    We have cleaned all 155 fans and have put them on a monthly preventive maintenance schedule to keep them functioning and from debris.  We are adding fan filters to collect particles in the air. We contracted with BAF to clean and provide proposals for keeping the temperature comfortable. Additional fans are on order.

  6. Can the company consider revising the PPE policy to alleviate bump caps in certain areas?
    The Joint Health & Safety Committee will evaluate areas where overhead hazards (hanging tools/equipment, do not exists and suggest possible changes to bump cap requirements to the Detroit Chassis Leadership Team.
  7. Floors marked for Social Distancing

    How will those tested for Covid-19 Coronavirus at the State Fair receive test results and are results confidential?
    Test results are provided directly to the associate by either phone or email, and results are confidential.

  8. How early can Associates arrive for work since they will need to exercise social distancing and have temperatures scanned upon entry?
    Associates that start at 7:00 AM can to enter the building at 6:00 AM
  9. Has the company considered any mental health support for Associates returning to work?
    Yes, Detroit Chassis offers confidential guidance and resources for the associate and their immediate household family members through our Lincoln Insurance benefit.
  10. PPE Distribution Area.

    Will the EAP program offer support to address mental health?
    Yes, these services are available through our Lincoln insurance benefit. Work/life services for assistance with child care is also available.

  11. What will Detroit Chassis do to help build morale?
    Detroit Chassis has established a PRT (Pandemic Response Team) specifically for Morale, comprised of both company and Union associates. We will implement several methods for improving morale. We welcome your suggestions too.
  12. What will be done in situations where Associates refuse to follow social distancing or wear required PPE?
    The company will strictly enforce PPE policy via coaching, counseling, and progressive discipline for everybody’s protection.
  13. A production area with protective plexiglas.

    How can I access or receive the Advisor publication directly?
    Send an email to lratliff@detroitchassis.com from the email address you want to receive Advisor publications. Advisor publications are also posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, and listed on the Detroit Chassis website on the Covid-19 Tab.   Associates will receive a notification call from the company as updates are published.

  14. Can lighting get added to the exterior of the building outside of the South dock?
    We have reached out to vendors to have this item quoted. Once the quotes are received, we will determine the feasibility and timing.
  15. Is the company going to install touchless urinals in the Men’s restrooms?
    We are getting quotes and timing. Once we have them we will procure them and get them installed. Every company is doing this, so getting them is the hard part.
  16. Am I required to wear gloves?
    Yes. Production gloves are still required for all processes. A Nitrile glove is required when you are cleaning various equipment and common touch points while using the chemical disinfection and/or bleach. Nitrile gloves will be available upon request for all associates.
  17. Inside the Detroit Chassis Main Entrance.

    How will DCP prevent cross-contamination since some tools are shared?
    Each station will have cleaning supplies (bleach and water disinfectant solution along with disposable paper towels) available for the operators to wipe down tools before, during, and after shift. In the stations where tools are shared, Nitrile gloves will be available to be worn under the standard work gloves to prevent cross-contamination. The Nitrile gloves can be obtained from the Team Leaders.

  18. How will DCP monitor to ensure those infected with Covid-19 Coronavirus are not at work?
    We will follow the Protocol as set forth in the Detroit Chassis COVID-19 Playbook, monitoring PPE usage, access control and social distancing.
  19. Can display screens and information centers get added to the South and West dock areas since the Materials team conducts meetings in these areas?
    Yes, Screens will be added along with information centers to the South and West Dock areas to ensure that important information reaches more Associates.
  20. Detroit Chassis aisle with added Stop Signs and posted speed limits.

    What changes have been done in the Materials Offices to comply with social distancing?
    The Materials offices were cleaned by an outside vendor that specializes in cleaning. Spacing between work stations has been increased to provide safe social distancing in accordance with new company guidelines.

  21. Will the established emergency exits and muster meeting stations change since everyone is expected to enter and exit through the main entrance? Or will this directive change in emergencies?
    Emergency exits will not change. You will utilize the nearest exit. However once you get to one of the two meeting points, which are at the overflow parking lot and the grass area behind rear dock, we will utilize Social Distancing guidelines; additional muster signs will be posted in each area as a guideline to spread out during assembly to maintain social distancing.
  22. Will areas designated for cell phone use get marked for safe social distancing?
    Yes, the area is marked and can contain a maximum of eight individuals.
  23. Will exterior smoking areas get marked for safe social distancing?
    Yes, we are receiving quotes for additional picnic tables and will designate a specific smoking area. Until then we will use the arm length method to ensure you are practicing social distancing while smoking.
  24. How will Associates with children address their need for daycare since the Governor extended the stay-home stay-safe order and many day care facilities are closed in compliance with the order?
    The Families First Coronavirus Response Act does not provide direct assistance for child care, but the Act does provide PTO for the associate due to child care concerns related to COVID-19. See your HR representative for more information.
  25. How will the company assist Associates with remaining hydrated considering the way ice and beverages have been dispensed?
    Employees will be given individual Sqwincher QwickServe Packs. We are also looking at high capacity water and ice dispensers.Additional questions will be published in the next issue.If you have a question that is not listed above, feel free to forward it to lratliff@detroitchassis.com.


Detroit Chassis is working to keep you safe from Covid-19 Coronavirus while at work. Several measures have been implemented for your protection, including additional PPE, cleaning stations, social distancing as much as possible, and Level 3 PPE where necessary.

It is highly essential to everyone’s safety that everyone wears the right PPE at all times.


DPS Corona Resource Page – Food pickup sites, academic information, and Corona positive cases through DPS schools
DPS Resource Page

City of Detroit COVID 313 – Resources for families including utility relief, free Wi-fi, housing, and more

Scholly – $200 cash assistance for families with students
SC holly Application Page

Pantry.Net – Food Pantry locator

Forgotten Harvest – Food resources & appointments
Forgotten Harvest Website

Gleaners Community Food Bank – Food resources & place to donate for those in need
Gleaners Website

Detroit Food Updates – Updates on your favorite restaurants’ hours & operation during COVID – 19
Detroit Food Website

Great Start Wayne – Daily food pantry & warm meal updates for the homeless and those in need
GSW Website

Eater Detroit – List of grocery stores that offer curbside pickup and delivery in Detroit
Eater Detroit

Michigan Bridges – Food delivery or meals for those who are older than 60
Michigan Bridges


We offer confidential guidance and resources for you or an immediate household family member.

  • In-person help with short-term issues; up to four* sessions per person, per issue, per year
  • Toll-free phone and web access 24/7
  • Unlimited phone access to legal, financial and work-life services
  • A 25% discount on in-person consultations with network lawyers
  • Financial consultations and referrals
  • Work/life services care, finding movers, kennels and pet care, vacation planning, and more.

To learn more about the Lincoln Financial Employee Connect program, visit www.Lincoln4Benefits.com or www.GuidanceResources.com  (user name = LFGsupport; password = LFGsupport1)
Or talk with a specialist at 888-628-4824.

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