DC Echo: August 18th, 2021


DC Echo: Vol 4, Issue 5

The cross-functional Operations and the Quality team work to improve quality performance daily. The group discusses daily CAR, CAL, and TRAVELER performance and presents weekly data in higher-level team meetings. In an effort to further improve quality performance The team now reviews weekly performance with production and team leaders and also with quality technicians.

Nigel Ward, Quality Inspector for Team 18, met with Ranson Smith, Senior Quality Manager, and Matt Freeman, Sr. Quality Engineer and CAL Supervisor, to analyse defects identified in his area. Nigel’s area generated 13 defects the first week and 18 the second week.

Nigel was not only shocked to learn that data was reviewed at this level but also at the number of defects recorded from his area. He quickly put a plan in place to elevate his team’s performance and saw immediate improvement! He and his Team made a substantial commitment to ensure that no defects escaped his quality gate. Nigel’s area went from producing 13-18 defects per week to ZERO!

This performance got the attention of the senior leadership team, and I interviewed Nigel in a meeting with Ranson Smith and Matt Freeman. I asked Nigel, “How did you do it? And, what was your thought process?” Nigel explained that he was first surprised to know that data was captured and discussed in detail. He wanted to do what was necessary to produce better performance, so he focused on delta critical operations. Nigel then moved on to other tasks to ensure that each job was correct. Nigel told me that he learned from his mistakes. He reviewed challenging areas intently and learned to pay closer attention to detail.

Nigel has been with Detroit Chassis for approximately four years and a Quality Inspector assigned to the CAL area for a little over four months, so he is relatively new to this area. He appreciates the acknowledgment and plans to continue to produce the best quality performance possible. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMITMENT NIGEL.

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