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Detroit Chassis conducted the 2nd on-site Health Fair in conjunction with Wayne Health’s Mobile Unit in response to soaring COVID 19 infections and the health care crisis in southeast Michigan.  The two are partnering in a program to improve the health of Detroit Chassis Associates and their families through regular, on-site primary and preventive health services.  Last Tuesday’s event was just as spirited and purposeful as the first Health Fair last month.  October’s Health Fairs are Tuesdays, October 5th and October 26th at 3:00 PM.
We could not do this without the help of Ford Motor Company, which was instrumental in connecting us with Wayne Health.  They have also assisted other program partners throughout the pandemic to mobilize health initiatives. Detroit Chassis is proud to be a part of this team because we are a Ford supplier.  Ford is a collaborator in Wayne Health’s mobile health program, providing the custom-fit Transit vehicles used to deliver mobile health services throughout the community.

Detroit Chassis Associates are encouraged to share this opportunity with family members. Flyers are ready for distribution.


September 15, 2021, Detroit Chassis Avon achieved 21/2 years without a Lost Time Incident! Great job! Thank you, DCA Associates for following Safety rules, staying alert and making the workplace Safer for everyone. Plans are underway to celebrate this milestone and you will hear more about that soon.  DCA continues to follow guidelines for self-certifying, wearing face mask and practicing social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Satisfaction survey conducted last month showed a decrease in satisfaction. The rating slipped to 84% with 50% of customers responding from the 95% with 100% of respondents the previous poll.

Customers made their expectations crystal clear. The leadership team listened to the Voice of the Customer and added more skill sets to the lineup in the Maintenance department. Additional horsepower is now onboard.

New Hire Orientation Survey Results

Detroit Chassis listens for the Voice of the Customer through surveys. Surveys are considered one of the most reliable methods to collect information. They help gauge the representation of individual views and experiences. When done well, they provide excellent feedback on opinions and behaviors that the leadership team can use to make important decisions.

Detroit Chassis collected outstanding Voice of the Customer feedback through the New Hire Orientation Survey conducted amongst 25 new hires that started between June and August of this year. The poll revealed that on a scale of 0-5, with five being excellent and 0 being the worst, our orientation program earned a composite rate of 4.72. Further, our Safety orientation was rated as 4.9, which is excellent!  Great job, team!
The overwhelming consensus from the perspective of the associates is that the orientation is very effective. New Associates like working for a minority-owned company and say the staff is friendly.
The most effective training or procedures they found helpful is the Safety/floor walk and Tool Test. When asked what they like about the job, responses included:

  • It is not a hard place to work.
  • They enjoy interacting with co-workers.
  • They appreciate the pay and pace of work.

We learned that New Associates want to spend more time on the floor and more hands-on training with tools to get familiar with the jobs before they get placed on the floor and moved to new areas. They also want a set end-time for the production day.
Quite a few said they would recommend a friend or family member to apply for a position at DCP, and several leads were provided. What are somethings we can work on as a company? Some of the responses include: improve communication, provide more time for lunch, and minimize favoritism.

Every DC Associate is a customer/stakeholder, and we are accountable to one another. We expend our time and energy working towards a common goal of producing the best motor home and commercial step-van chassis in Detroit. Whether you are new or have been around like me for 20 years, we are all in this together.

Thank you to the HR Team: Andre Humes, Environmental Health and Safety Manager; Caroline Widak, EH&S Coordinator; and Demarco Browning, HR Assistant, for facilitating the survey, and to all of the participating new hires; your Voice is Powerful, and we appreciate you for taking the time to offer your perspectives and share your ideas. We hear you, and we are working to enhance this experience for us all.

Andrew Meek, Electrical Automation Controls Technician, joined the team on September 7, 2021.  He will report to David Schlievert, Engineering Manager, and provide in-house support, control of PLC, and troubleshooting.
Andrew’s primary responsibility is helping the team to minimize downtime and keep the plant running.  Welcome to the team, Andrew!

Daniel Haught, Maintenance Technician, was also added to the team. He will report to Scott Hayes, Maintenance Manager.  Welcome aboard, Daniel!

DC Spirt Week 9/13 – 9/17

Detroit Chassis Associates conducted Spirit Week to boost morale and camaraderie. Each day of the week had its theme. Pictures below were from Twin Day (Tuesday), Black Out, and Greek Day (Friday).

The 2nd Annual Invitational Golf Outing

Detroit Chassis conducted its 2nd Invitational Golf Outing Friday, September 2, 2021, at Farmington Hills Golf Club. The event was attended by 25 enthusiastic golfers, including Carlton L. Guthrie, Co-Chairman, customers, suppliers, and management team members.

The game accommodated varying skill sets, both novice and expert golfers.

“There is so much happening in the world right now with COVID-19. It was a wonderful time to enjoy one of the last days of summer 2021. The day was absolutely perfect,” stated Dennis Edwards, President. “It was fun relaxing and interacting with customers and suppliers with members of the management team.”

We look forward to more guests participating in the 3rd Annual Invitational Golf Outing, post-COVID-19.

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