DC Echo: March 25, 2022

Why We Celebrate Women’s History Month

In 1980, a group of leaders convinced Congress and the White House of the need for our nation to celebrate and recognize women’s role in history on an annual basis. It is important because the contributions of women through the years have often gone unappreciated and forgotten but each year, in March, Women’s History Month is a time for reflection, appreciation, and celebration. Women’s History Month is an important time to recognize
contributions both large and small that have changed our lives for the better.

We celebrate women’s accomplishments and the contributions that they have made to make life better for others. Most women history makers equip, empower, and encourage not only other women but men and the community to believe they can achieve. 

The LEADING LADIES at DCP are forever a part of the history and their efforts are engrained in the fabric of what makes this company work. Many of them have been with DCP since the very beginning. So for more than 20 years, these women made their careers contributing to further the quest to World Champion Performance through their commitment to excellence in manufacturing and specifically to the Motorhome and Commercial Step-Van Industry.

So, for all you do, LADIES…this one’s for you!

Avis Wallace, Manufacturing Technician
Betty Jones, MT Team Leader
Brenda Trice, Operations Coordinator
Carlene Moore, Manufacturing Technician
Carmen Bass, Quality Coordinator
Deanna Williams, Material Handler
Debbie Morris, Quality Technician Team Leader
Debbie Williams, MT Team Leader
Deborah Jones, Manufacturing Technician
Deidre Dudley, Quality Technician

Ingrid Walker, MT Team Leader
Janice Johnson, Quality Technician Team Leader
Juliette Griffin-Tyus, Quality Coordinator
Karana Harrell, Operations Coordinator
LaShandra Williams, MT Team Leader
Rozita Stewart, MT Team Leader
Tamara Johnson, Production Leader
Edwina Milligan, VP Human Resources
Linda Ratliff-Watkins, Director of CS

Thank you for your contributions to the Detroit Chassis Team.

The Best Motorhome Chassis is Built in the Motor City.

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