As of March 27th, 2020 Detroit Chassis is currently scheduled to resume production on April 20 along with most other Ford assembly plants.  DCA may restart on April 14 to support OHAP which is scheduled to return on April 14.  These dates are tentative and will be confirmed as we get closer.

Essential manufacturing for critical infrastructure, transportation and logistics, and their supply chains are exempted from state and federal shutdown and stay at home requirements.  They are encouraged to continue operating to jump-start the economy.  Ford has supplied us with written confirmation that we are exempted from such shutdown orders.

However, it will not and cannot be business as usual.  We remain committed first and foremost to the safety and well-being of all of our associates and we are taking extraordinary steps to meet this commitment.  You will hear about some of them in a separate communication solely focused on sharing this information with you.

Detroit Chassis continues to wrestle with rapidly accelerating issues posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  We are actively monitoring several associates who have displayed symptoms of infection or who may test positive.   Some are hospitalized while others are in quarantine and isolation.  We will continue to pray for them and their families.

This pandemic is not just about disruptions to our livelihoods….it is about threats to our lives.  We are navigating through uncharted waters.  We do not know all the ways in which we may be affected but we do know that for the next several months:

  •     Infection rates will increase
  •     We should expect to see recurring​ waves of infection
  •     ​We need to take aggressive, proactive steps to reduce contacts and risks
  •     Our schedules may change rapidly
  •     Down weeks will infect the schedule to reduce demand
  •     Things will not be like they were

What do we need to meet these immediate challenges and also preserve our ability to survive months of turmoil?  We need to plan and act swiftly.

First, we must embrace hope and keep faith.  This fuels our resolve and perseverance.  It informs our decision making.  It directs our energies and it inspires others to do likewise.

We are working closely with our customers to coordinate and benchmark how to protect our people.  We are incorporating best practices for disinfecting and sanitizing, communication, facility monitoring and risk management and prevention.  You will hear more about these steps from our Leadership Team.

Secondly, we are continuously engaged in planning for the short term and longer term.  We must anticipate that our production numbers and revenues will temporarily decline and that we must right size the organization as a result.  We will go the extra mile to assist those affected by temporary layoffs and realignment.  However, painful choices must be made even as we are mindful of the greater pain it causes to those affected.  We all will bear a heavier load as a result.

We are confident that we will survive.  We are resourceful, determined and have the support of talented and committed associates who have invested much to put the Company in position to do great things.  We are willing to work long and hard.  We will continue to keep you advised.  Thank you for your trust and stay well!

Mike & Carlton Guthrie


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