Detroit Custom Chassis

Detroit Chassis has the professional capability and ample capacity to offer a wide range of services and occupies a unique position in the Class A Motor Home market.

Domestic Automotive manufacturers drew back from and, in some cases, abandoned product lines as the challenge of staying competitive in a struggling economy ravaged their broader markets. Likewise, the economy profoundly affected the ‘motorized’ RV industry.

Detroit Custom Chassis was formed in 2005 to explore the market between the OEMs and Motor Home Manufacturers.

We developed an opportunity for Motor Home Manufacturers to meet product design constraints and supply customized solutions to individual customers.

A new model design in a more extensive product line placed an OEM Chassis Manufacturer in the position of being unable to overcome a design constraint that could drastically affect the Motor Home Bodybuilders. As a result, Detroit Custom Chassis stepped in, worked with the OEM’s supply base to develop solutions, and supplied them to the Motor Home Manufacturers.

The Modifications Division

  • Custom Chassis Modifications
  • Low Floor Vehicle Conversions
  • Hybrid Vehicle Modifications
  • Custom Vehicle Uplifting
  • Complex Sub-assemblies
  • DC2 can convert units from gas powered to LPG or CNG powered