The DC Advantage

The Detroit Chassis advantage comes from our people, processes and technology.


Our People

We embody strong and dynamic Leadership, and Values, and a Culture of Conscience. Senior executives of immense experience, talent and vision and are recruited from diverse backgrounds from companies at the pinnacle of performance in the manufacturing, industrial, retail and consumer goods arenas. We are experts in organizational development, change management, information technology, business systems and management, as well as manufacturing and engineering. And, just as importantly, we are devoted to instilling the right values and commitment to high performance in every individual within the DCP.

Respect, dedication, excellence, integrity, diversity and teamwork are the foundation of every job and every working relationship at DCP.


Committed People delivering
World Champion Performance
To Achieve Customer Joy
On Time.  All the Time.  Every Time.


Our Mission is to embrace an Enterprise-wide Lean Transformation, to add new customers and to dramatically increase our performance, efficiency, knowledge, and profitibility.


Detroit Chassis is committed to:

  • Excellence by Adding value
  • Embracing change by Learning and Growth
  • Respect through Diversity and Community
  • Win/Win outcomes through Teamwork
  • Integrity and Spirituality



  1. Deliver world champion performance that achieves customer joy.
  2. Integrate products and services that create a clearly defined competitive advantage.
  3. Cultivate collaborative business partnerships that complement Spectra capabilities.
  4. Create a business plan deployment process that aligns, manages and executes the company plan

Process and Technologies

With its highly flexible assembly line and the advanced technologies of its sister company, Magnys, Detroit Chassis is able to reduce costs and heighten the quality levels of its customers’ products.

Concurrent product engineering and process engineering and upstream computer simulation of manufacturing processes identify potential assembly bottlenecks and tooling conflicts in virtual space before actual tooling expenditures and pre-production begin. The result can be dramatic savings in dollars and time. Customer designers and SPECTRA manufacturing experts work together to ensure that products are assembled efficiently and correctly. The company’s ability to bring early involvement of its extended family of lean manufacturing and process engineering experts into design process results in:

  • Shortened time to market
  • Decreased development time
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Retention and transfer of intellectual property

State of the Art Tire and Wheel Assembly Tire and rim Installation

  • Tires 19.5″: to 22.5″
  • Tire Mount and Inflate Technology with updated robotics
  • Increased Throughput and Reduced Cycle Time



Rim & Tire Install

Tire Inflate, Weight Balance, and Off Load

End of Line Tire Install Conveyor

End of Line Conveyor

Coolant Fill

Power Steering & Transmission


User Interface

Advanced Fuel Fill System

Streamlined Technology that Increases Safety:

  • Prevents Nozzle Leakages
  • Additional Interlocks
  • Frees Floor Space
  • Scanning Capabilities Track Fill Volume by VIN
  • Vacuum System Improves Fluid Fill Process for
    • Brakes
    • Coolant
    • Power Steering
    • Transmission

The latest in End-of-Line ROLLS Testing Technology with Increased SAFETY Protocols and Added Stop Posts

  • Visual Display System
  • Integrated In-floor Rollers and Dynamometers

Added Process Controls with State-of-the-Art Technology to Increase Redundancy and Added SAFETY Protocols

    • Squaring Fixture
    • Framing Table with Added Poke-Yokes
    • Driver’s Module Assembly Stop-Posts



Visual Display System

In-Floor Rollers

In-Floor Dynamometers

The Detroit Chassis Quality Policy:


Customer Joy


Zero Defts

The Achieving Customer Expectations program (ACE) is a DCP cross-functional team that partners with OEMs to improve communications and address customer concerns.

The ACE team:

  • Maintains continuous contact and makes regular trips to end-stage manufacturers.
  • Customer Joy is measured through semi-annual surveys.
  • 2022 91% 91%
  • 2021 95% 95%
  • 2020 92% 92%
  • 2019 94% 94%
  • 2018 97% 97%