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Great things are happening at Detroit Chassis and we are eager to talk about it!

  1. Our Safety performance improved for the 3rd straight year, from a peak of 16 annual recordable injuries in 2014, 13 in 2015 and then a dramatic reduction to only 3 injuries in 2016.
  2. Our incident rate for recordable injuries was 1.49, down from 7.3 in 2014 and considerably below the industry average rate of 5.6 injuries for every 100 man/ years.
  3. We operated 240 consecutive days in 2016 without a recordable accident, the 4th longest stretch without a recordable in our history. Our record is 636 days from the 3rd quarter in 2005 to the 4th quarter in 2007.

This performance is exemplary! What have we done to drive such dramatic improvement?

  • Increased Awareness and Identification of Potential Hazards
  • Increased Job Rotation – Reduction of Repetitive Motion Injuries
  • Increased Safety Walks – Hazard Awareness to Identify and Fix Concerns
  • Encouraged everyone to report Concerns – See Something – Say Something
  • Continuous Improvement – Improvements can be made anywhere
  • TEAM WORK – Team Leaders, Production Leaders, Safety Committee and You – Working Together to Work Safely

Detroit Chassis strives for Continuous Improvement. We continually evaluate tooling and processes to build a Quality Product for our customer.

Other examples of our efforts

  • Added new remotes and controllers for the Frame Flip Process
  • Replaced and continue to replace the casters and toe guards on all moving carriers
  • Replaced and extended 2 large concrete pads in the back of the facility that were cracked and potentially hazardous
  • Proactively had all Overhead Steel Structures inspected, certified and tagged for integrity:

A Safety and Process Improvement Kaizen Event was held on January 21st in the Birdcage area. Twentyeight Action Items were identified during this event, not only for safety but also for material delivery, line side presentation, tooling improvements, floor plan redesign and much more.

Safety Update

  • David Forney
  • Pauline Player
  • Donna Rush
  • Jacqueline Durham
  • Ramara Jackson
  • Halim Sailor
  • Daisha Davis
  • Ed Mobley Jr.
  • Crawford Latham
  • Felicio McWillie
  • Cynthia Sanders
  • Greg Miller
  • Danon Dupree

Thank you team for your input and passion to address the concerns that have been identified and for such diligent follow up.

Other Developments:

Detroit Chassis has a new E-Maintenance Work Order tracking data base and system. Since the rollout in early 2016, we have successfully addressed and closed 247 of the 250 work orders entered into the system. Sixty percent of the work orders were related to safety. The E-Maintenance Work Order System is open to all Detroit Chassis Associates and work orders can be entered by everyone.

We are working towards ISO 14001 Certification by September 2017.
You ask, What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard that sets the requirements for an environmental management system. It helps organizations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste, gaining a competitive advantage and the trust of stakeholders.

Improvements with product flow and material delivery are coming to the Mustang line. Production will be starting back up this month for the Mustang Line and we want to shine so we are painting the floor, moving and improving the racking systems, adding new lift assists and making more changes to improve efficiency. Stop by and check on our progress.

Think Car is getting dusted off, recharged and placed back in service. We are hoping to utilize the Think Car to respond to Medical Emergencies and Tours of the facility.

Nope you’re not seeing things, our Hi-Lo’s actually have Blue Lights. Blue Lights indicates that the HI-Lo is in reverse.

Keep an eye out for the blue lights…

Kudos to the team for all of your efforts in making Safety the #1 priority at Detroit Chassis!

Our next publication will highlight developments at Detroit Chassis in Avon, Ohio (DCA).

Stay tuned!