Cynthia Sanders Retires


Caring, focused, kind, hardworking and humble are words I could use to help describe Cynthia Sanders, the latest long-term Detroit Chassis UAW Associate to retire, January 2021. She made it clear that there was no interest in having a celebration of any kind. Still, after hearing her story, I convinced her to let us applaud her diligence and noteworthy love and respect for family and the Detroit Chassis community. “I must retire due to health reasons because I can’t physically give it my all, but make no mistake, I love my job. I still do!”

Cynthia came to Detroit Chassis after gaining two years of production experience at another facility and identified as a high-performer along with others that transitioned from that plant. Cynthia prayed that God would bless her with a job and enjoys sharing how her heart’s desire was realized through the opportunity to work at DCPM.a Fteorri alth Haat,ndl serhe committed to never missing work, showing up before start time, and always doing more than expected. “The Lord gave me a job, and I was so excited. Other Associates tease me because my car is alone sitting in the parking in the morning.” Cynthia willingly shares her knowledge and helps other Associates.

Cynthia described herself before coming to Detroit Chassis as a misplaced housewife. She was a mother of five children (four boys and one girl, including a set of fraternal twins). She had gotten them to the point of nearing independence when she lost her sister to Lou Gehrig’s disease. Cynthia opened her heart and home to her nieces and nephew after their mom passed away. The youngest was just two years old. “I determined that I was going to work no matter what! Nothing was going to keep me from doing my job.” Cynthia explained that her check went to pay babysitters and daycare costs. Still, her mission was to remain employed while caring for this extended family graced with an energetic and cheerful little girl, and keeping them safe and happy. She successfully raised all eight children and rejoices because that beautiful girl is now happily married and has a family of her own. Cynthia shared that she convinced the older niece to apply for work at DCP, and she became another high-performing DCP UAW Associate.

“Please say good-bye to Mike and Carlton, and everyone else. Remember to send my special regards to Dennis Edwards. One day he passed me working on the line, and he could tell that I was stressed out. He asked what he could do to help me do my job, and I responded, “I needed a cart.” I am impressed that he took out time to ask me how I was doing, and he made sure that I had what I needed. So, please tell him that the little lady at the end of the Bird Cage said, “Thank you.” I appreciate him, and I am so glad that I got to know him.” – Cynthia Sanders, Retired DCP Associate Enjoy retirement, Cynthia! You earned this accolade.

Thank you for your many contributions and tireless dedication to Detroit Chassis. The best motorhome chassis is built in the Motor City because of Associates like you!

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