Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

F53 Motor Home and F59 Commercial Truck manufacturers recently participated in the Detroit Chassis Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Detroit Chassis has made it a point to conduct this survey annually since 2005.

The survey conducted in July 2016 reflects that F53 Motor Home and F59 Commercial Truck manufacturers continue to be pleased with the services they receive from Detroit Chassis and they appreciate the focus on delivering customer joy.

The overall rating is 92% with 92% F53/59 manufacturers responding. We are excited that this rating positively increased by 1% as we continue to strive for World Champion performance.

Our goal remains 100% Customer Joy!

“…The performance of the DCP team has been terrific for the last 4 months! Great to see the quality focus on our products. It is the key to our ongoing relationship with RV accounts. Thanks again to all who contribute!”

Dennis Bearden
RV and Pool Account Manager
NAFLRO, Market Sales and Service
Ford Motor Company


Manufacturers reported receiving timely solutions to their concerns. In fact, 100% of responders reported that Detroit Chassis provided satisfactory solutions and 70% credit the Detroit Chassis customer focus with positively affecting their chassis buying strategies.

Detroit Chassis will continue to increase communication and escalate matters to surpass your expectations and improve your customer experience.

Manufacturers stated that Detroit Chassis is their Ford F53 Motor Home and F59 Commercial Truck Chassis provider of choice and they are interested in touring the Detroit Chassis production operation.

Manufacturers want to be notified when quality holds occur that will disrupt expected deliveries.

They also want to be able to obtain replacement components when necessary.

A few manufacturers noted issues that occurred during delivery and suggested a sign-off process be implemented to insure: no damage has occurred during transportation, units are being delivered to the correct location and that the expected delivery is complete.

Communication is vital for manufacturers to adequately plan their production schedule and while communication has improved, they request more improvement in this area.

Overall, manufacturers are grateful to Ford Motor Company for the F53 Motor Home and F59 Commercial Truck chassis and for offering competitively priced options that assist with the manufacturing process.

In response to your feedback, Detroit Chassis will continue to:

Log requests to ensure timely response and closure

Serve as a conduit for the flow of information and work through the Ford/Detroit Chassis team to communicate vital information

Continue to make ACE (Achieving Championship Expectations) trips to manufacturer’s locations to observe processes and offer assistance

Do everything within our power to ensure customers have a rewarding experience

Detroit Chassis would like to thank all of the manufacturers for taking time to provide this valuable feedback.

We are committed to ensuring your customer experience is filled with JOY!

The next survey is scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2017 but you do not have to wait until then to provide feedback.

Send information to:

Linda Ratliff-Watkins
Manager – Customer Service
6501 Lynch Rd.
Detroit, MI 48234
(313) 743-2357 Office
(313) 350-9017 Mobile

We look forward to hearing from you!


2016 Summer Celebration

2016 Summer Celebration

2016 Summer Celebration


Fun, Food and Fellowship

Detroit Chassis conducted its annual Summer Celebration Thursday, July 28, 2016 on the grounds of the plant on Lynch Rd.

In spite of the threat of rain, it was a perfect day for the event with 82 degree winds and partly sunny skies.

We were all able to enjoy food, fun and fellowship with our families during the celebration while we watched and participated in activities for all ages.

Stahl’s Catering Services provided all refreshments and the menu included: Grilled Hamburgers, Turkey Burgers, Hot Dogs, Jalapeno and Cheese Sausage and Kielbasa with fresh Buns, Baked Beans, Potato Salad and Lemonade, Iced Tea and cold water. Cotton Candy was provided for all to enjoy!

Thanks to overwhelming support of Curtis Evans Industries and AmeriSource more than $3,300 in prizes was awarded during the competitive games, BINGO and raffle.

The 2nd Annual Memorial Horse Shoe Tournament was conducted in honor of the late Robert A. Seabrooks (Breezy) and Jimmy Perryman won this year’s competition and was awarded the traveling championship trophy.

This year’s prizes included:

  • Two $25 American Express gift cards
  • A $500 Art Van gift certificate
  • Three $100 Bed, Bath & Beyond gift cards
  • Four $50 Cedar Pointe tickets
  • Ten $100 Citgo Gas cards
  • Four $150 Meijer gift cards
  • Six $15 Red Lobster gift cards
  • Two $100 Target gift cards

To top things off, Michael Guthrie, CEO called an extra number that provided an opportunity for Raymond Nelson to win $100 cash and LaShandra Williams took home $274 from the proceeds of the 50/50 Raffle.

Family members beat our socks off on the Musical Chairs game and Pie Eating Contest and they smiled as they each received their winnings.

The Detroit Chassis leadership team would like to thank all of the committee members for your dedicated time and effort that produced a funfilled event for DCPers and their families.

A huge thank you is extended to Bryan Hicks for providing creative photography services throughout the event that captured precious moments for us to appreciate again and again.

“It is always a pleasure to spend time with DCP Associates and their families during the annual summer celebration event. We have been blessed to celebrate another year of being able to produce a stellar product. The best motor home and commercial truck chassis’ are made in the Motor City!” Michael J. Guthrie, CEO

Great Job Team!

Safety Update


Nearing 150 Days Injury Free!

Congratulations Detroit Chassis we are trending in a positive upward direction and we are nearing 150 Days Injury Free!

We are able to reach goals as we work together as a unified team addressing concerns early while listening to feedback from Associates and moving forward without procrastination to get the job done.

Look for flyers to announce the next celebration activity.

Remember to bring Safety related concerns to the attention of the joint Safety Committee Meeting with the leadership team and the UAW Wednesdays at 10:30 AM in the Family Room.

Engineering Update
Engineering now has an electronic work order tracking system that monitors and tracks the progress of work orders for maintenance and facilities through completion ensuring Safety related requests are priority and adequately addressed.

The Safety Committee has successfully closed over 58 Safety concerns and action items identified by DCP Associates.

Please keep your eyes open and continue to report concerns so they can be entered into the system and corrected.

Materials Update
Recently, we recertified 21 Material Handlers at a 6:00 AM class conducted on a Tuesday morning. The class was two part and allowed attendees to participate in classroom instruction with quizzes along with hands-on driving demonstrations to enhance their skills.

Quiz questions:

  • Describe the stability triangle
  • Forklift stability and a raised load
  • When to inspect forklifts
  • Pick up and transferring loads
  • Driving in reverse
  • Traveling on a ramp
  • Speed factors when driving
  • Battery Charging

Thank you for your participation and feedback materials handlers and a special thank you to Clarence Griffin for conducting the hands on driving skills demonstration.

Operations Update

  1. A lifting and rotating table has been installed on the Engine Line at Station 80 that assists Associates by providing easy access to alternators in the back of the rack. Engineering did a great job assisting with this concern and developing a suitable resolution. Thank you for making this possible, Engineering.
  2. Associates are asked to place gloves and aprons in the yellow barrels or the laundry shoot cabinets located near PPE cabinets around the plant. Check pockets first to make sure all are emptied of tools, nuts, bolts, washers, etc. These items sometimes make it through the wash and prevent gloves from being adequately cleaned. We want and expect a clean product from our vendor but we must do our part.
  3. Associates can now request Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) from Production Leaders because all PPE is now maintained in cabinets located in each team area.Cabinets are closely monitored and stocked with a min/max level for every item. So, if you are not sure where to go just ask your Production Leader and they can get it for you.
  4. Detroit Chassis is now utilizing an eco-friendly product from ZEP on the floors throughout the facility that reduces slippage.

    It is light weight, cost-effective and will absorb fluid that can build up on the manufacturing floor. It may produce a white residue in some areas but that is nothing to worry about. Facilities will address reported occurrences.

  5. New monitors have been installed at entrances and break areas throughout the plant for displaying Safety messages and other pertinent information.