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Detroit Chassis Mourns the Loss of Reggie White

Detroit Chassis suffered a great loss today as we learned of the passing of Reggie White, Warranty Analyst. Reggie served in a leadership capacity for the daily Ford F5X Warranty Early Claims Binning meetings and leads the F5X Variable Reduction teams in Chassis, Electrical, and Powertrain. He is instrumental in preparing the decks for the monthly Balanced Scorecard meetings and the bi-monthly Vehicle Quality Review meetings. He is knowledgeable and assist customers in various manners while providing answers to critical questions relating to warranty claims.

Reggie came to Detroit Chassis in 2007, as a contractual worker to assist the organization in reducing warranty costs. He has been a treasured member of the Quality team and the Detroit Chassis family. Today, we mourn this loss and are sad that Reggie is the first DCP Associate to pass away from Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Rest in Heaven, Reggie (Chart Master). You are greatly loved and will be deeply missed.

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