DC Advisor: April 20th, 2020

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The COVID-19 pandemic requires that we adjust to a new normal.  Workplaces must rethink and adjust how work is done.  Adherence to Social Distancing requirements will help us to work SAFELY.

Detroit Chassis remains committed to protecting our associates from the spread of the coronavirus.  Maintaining six feet social distancing in and outside the facilities will be key to preventing COVID-19 infections.

The following topics are areas of concern with respect to Social Distancing and entry screening.

    • Thermometer screening tables (All associates and visitors will be required to have a thermal temperature scan upon entering the facility)
    • Town Hall areas (Associates will be required to maintain 6’ Social Distancing. Town halls will be facilitated via smaller meetings and PA system announcements)

    • Time Clock areas (Associates will be required to maintain 6’ Social Distancing when punching in and out of the facility)
    • All Break Areas (Break areas have been re-designed to permit 6’ Social Distancing and limited occupancy)
    • All Common Areas (All common areas have been re-designed to permit 6’ Social Distancing and limited occupancy)
    • All work stations (Work stations have been evaluated and the proper recommendations made to accommodate proper Social Distancing, and proper PPE usage)

  • Staff Meeting Areas and others. (Staff meetings will be facilitated via WebEx and other Meeting media)

It is proven that Social Distancing and PPE use restrict the spread of COVID-19, identifying these areas and immediate action will help us stay SAFE in the work place.

1DC Update

Currently, we have six confirmed coronavirus cases at Detroit Chassis affecting the following areas: C2, Quality Department, Vision Center, Rolls Test, Sub Assembly, and the administrative offices. We will continue to monitor associates’ condition and provide an update.

Our hearts go out to each one of you that have lost loved ones and to those with family members who are fighting Covid-19 coronavirus related illnesses.

Projects Updates

Over the past two weeks, the volunteer team (Operations, Quality, Engineering, Facilities, HR and Safety) has done a phenomenal job processing nearly 90% of the units on-site and preparing for start-up.  Other activities include:

  1. New Safety Mirrors Hung
  2. Installation of new “Touchless” sinks
  3. Two new refrigerators installed
  4. New air filters installed into air compressor system
  5. Major air leaks repaired
  6. Chassis line 1 steel plating put down to improve carrier flow & downtime.

Additional Information

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